GoFileServerSimple GTK3 HTTP file server written in go Vidhu Kant Sharma9 months
MAL2GoMyAnimeList V2 API wrapper for Go Vidhu Kant Sharma9 months
OpenBills-server-oldLibre billing software Vidhu Kant Sharma
OpenBills-web-oldWeb Based OpenBills Client Vidhu Kant Sharma9 months
ZeHenti-botIt's just a bot I created because I was bored (and also had a test that day but ...Vidhu Kant Sharma
discord-custom-inputMerge two or more audio streams to share desktop audio on discord/any other prog...Vidhu Kant Sharma
dmenuMy dmenu config Vidhu Kant Sharma6 months
doom-one.vimA dark colorschme for vim, ported from doom-emacs' doom-one theme. Vidhu Kant Sharma9 months
dotsThese are my config files and I treasure them Vidhu Kant Sharma3 weeks
dots-oldVidhu Kant's dotfiles, doesn't include dwm and st Vidhu Kant Sharma9 months
hell-correspondenceReal life version of hell correspondence site from Hell Girl manga, except it wo...Vidhu Kant Sharma
hell-linkbetter version of my hell-correspondence project Vidhu Kant Sharma9 months
maclimacli - Unofficial CLI-Based MyAnimeList Client Vidhu Kant Sharma5 months
mal-authtoken-generatorSimple python script to generate your own MyAnimeList OAuth authentication token...Vidhu Kant Sharma
maltokenA go package for the MyAnimeList OAuth mechanism Vidhu Kant Sharma5 months
maltoken-cliMyAnimeList auth token generator Vidhu Kant Sharma5 months
mgMyAnimeList to Go API wrapper Vidhu Kant Sharma5 months
openbillsServer for web based libre billing software Vidhu Kant Sharma14 days
openbills-clientOpenBills client written in Dart Vidhu Kant Sharma7 months
openbills-legacyOpen source browser based invoicing software for standalone clients Vidhu Kant Sharma
openbills-webYet another OpenBills rewrite Vidhu Kant Sharma5 months
openbills-yew(dropped project) OpenBills Web Client rewrite in Yew Vidhu Kant Sharma8 months
tic-tac-toeShitty but open source and multiplayer tic tac toe Vidhu Kant Sharma9 months
vidhublogVidhu Kant's Blog Vidhu Kant Sharma
vidhukant-hugoVidhu Kant's Hugo theme Vidhu Kant Sharma8 months
vidhukant.comMy website's markdown content. The hugo theme used is Kant Sharma4 months
zt-hugoMy very own hugo theme. Vidhu Kant Sharma5 months
zt_hugoMy very own OTHER hugo theme. Vidhu Kant Sharma5 months