BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masternot prematurely killing the server before showing message in browser upon loginVidhu Kant Sharma2 weeks
v1.21.0commit 9016476f2a...Vidhu Kant Sharma2 weeks
v1.20.6commit 854e5250c6...Vidhu Kant Sharma2 weeks
v1.20.5commit 7dc8049df0...Vidhu Kant Sharma3 months
v1.20.4commit bcc1aa2c24...Vidhu Kant Sharma3 months
v1.20.3commit cb2c803a79...Vidhu Kant Sharma3 months
v1.20.2commit b59654b3a2...Vidhu Kant Sharma4 months
v1.19.0commit fc889251a9...Vidhu Kant Sharma4 months
v1.18.0commit 4dd6c887bb...Vidhu Kant Sharma4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-11-24not prematurely killing the server before showing message in browser upon loginHEADv1.21.0masterVidhu Kant Sharma
2023-11-24shortened the wrong client id messagev1.20.6Vidhu Kant Sharma
2023-11-18update readmeVidhu Kant Sharma
2023-09-19upgraded to mg v0.0.7v1.20.5Vidhu Kant Sharma
2023-09-19updated app descriptionv1.20.4Vidhu Kant Sharma
2023-09-19properly showing the author name and genres for mangav1.20.3Vidhu Kant Sharma
2023-08-15bumped version numberv1.20.2Vidhu Kant Sharma
2023-08-15fixed errors due to mgVidhu Kant Sharma
2023-08-15migrated from MAL2Go to mg packageVidhu Kant Sharma
2023-08-13changed import pathVidhu Kant Sharma